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How do I decide which size round or oval barrel is best for me?

The size of the barrel on our round and oval brushes provides you with options for tension and style. Barrel size is measured from tip to tip of the core, not the bristle. If you've tried a round brush before and found your hair gets tangled in the brush, you may not have the right size, and/or you may need to section your hair into smaller sections before loading the brush. In general, for maximum tension and straightening performance, the shorter your hair, the smaller the barrel...and the longer your hair, the bigger the barrel. If your hair is layered, go with the size that best matches the majority of your strand lengths, or get more than one brush for your best styling options.

Here are some basic guidelines:

• Hair that is short or layers at chin length? Consider xtra small and small size, 1 to 2" barrel.

• Hair that is chin length to just below shoulder? Consider a medium size, 2" to 2.5" barrel.

• The majority of your strands are longer than shoulder length? Consider a large, 2.5" to 3" barrel.

A smaller barrel can provide styling options even on longer hair. So if you like a little flip, beachy waves or corkscrew curls, consider getting a smaller barrel too and use it to style your hair after smoothing near dry with your larger barrel brush.


Why Boar Bristles?

Boar Bristles come in 3 different cuts, the most beneficial cut for hairbrushes is the First Cut, because it is the healthiest one. First Cut Boar Bristle is quite expensive and it is what makes our brushes a little bit pricier, but the benefits of having it make a world of difference in finishing styling.

We only use First Cut in all our brushes because it actually closes the cuticle of the hair, and you get a polished look: smooth to the touch and a healthy shine. The Boar Bristle is porous under a microscope therefore it acts as a vehicle for the natural oils of your hair to be distributed throughout your hair strands. That is why in the old days, they recommended brushing your hair several times daily with a natural brush.

Pure nylon bristles will pull your hair in a way as to cause breakage, especially if you start blow-drying with the hair really wet or if you have processed hair.


Why an Hourglass shape?

  1. Better control. The carefully designed surface angle of the Monroe hourglass brush allows an even distribution of the hair in the bristle area of the brush providing better control, including even tension across the barrel from root to tips.

  2. Mirrors the shape of the scalp. You get a better grip of the hair strands and more efficient contact with the roots of the hair that no other brush can accomplish, not even a concave brush!

  3. Brush

  4. No need to wind it. You have to wind other round brushes because the hair falls off the bristle area; you do it to keep the hair from slipping of. The design and materials of our Monroe hourglass allow you to simply pull from root all the way to the ends without re-loading, so you don’t have to overwork your wrist and your elbow-shoulder extension.

  5. Creates extra volume. The only way to create volume is by lifting the roots of the hair with even tension; there is no other way or technique that can achieve this purpose. Because the Monroe brush hourglass shape barrel gives you so much more control over the hair, it allows you to create volume with minimal effort.

  6. Shortens blow-drying time by up to 40%. Since the Monroe brush does most of the work, and you don’t have to smooth each section several times, you could actually reduce the blow-drying time considerably; not to mention the effort you put into the blow-dry. This will make you even more productive and more efficient…better use of your time!

  7. Helps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The brush does most of the work, your effort is minimal and since you don’t wind the brush at all, you don’t cause damage to your wrist.

  8. Perfect straightening of the hair strands for an impeccable smoothing!

Why PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Cores™?

We are constantly developing new technologies and designs to speed blow-dry time, improve ergonomics and provide high-performance styling options for all kinds of hair. Our Monroe brushes manufactured in USA have our exclusive PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core that speeds drying time, retains heat at a high temperature without burning hair, is very durable and supports a balanced light weight design to reduce arm and hand fatigue.

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