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How to Get a Salon-Quality Blowout at Home

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Gone are the days of scheduling appointments and leaving the comfort of your home each week for a blowout. You can have a relaxing Sunday with salon-quality hair care or a great blowout right before a night out. 

Choosing the right techniques and hair brushes are essential to the comfort and quality of your blowout — this is where Brushopolis comes in!

We have hair brushes for every styling need and hair type, perfect for any occasion. Our brushes are gentle on your wrists and can ease carpal tunnel syndrome, courtesy of their hourglass shape. Check out our full product line here.

After finding your ideal brushes and hair products, read on to learn how to perform a blowout like a pro.

Step 1: Prep

a Brushopolis Prepping Paddle Brush

Plan your blowout on a day that you’ll be washing and conditioning your hair. Blowing out clean hair will ensure your post-blowout hair gleams as smooth and shiny as it possibly can. You don’t want to waste product on grimy or greasy hair.

Gently dry your hair off partly with a towel or soft cotton t-shirt. If you’re concerned about frizz, use extra conditioner or smoothing product. Use may want to use a heat protectant or oil to protect your ends, which can be easily damaged.

Apply any other hair products you want for added effect, like a volumizing mousse. Work the knots out of your locks with a wide-tooth comb — but be gentle! Use our Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush and a blow dryer (with a directional nozzle) to dry your hair at least 70%. Styling dripping wet hair will increase the risk of breakage.

Clip the top of your hair up in a bun, leaving out 2 inches of hair all around. Divide the remaining hair into sections that’ll fit on the styling brush you’re using. Have some more clips handy to keep your hair out of your way as you dry it.

Step 2: Style

a Brushopolis Monroe Latina Envy Hourglass

Decide what styling brush you’re using. What brush you use will depend on the style you’re going for and your hair type. Brushopolis’ styling brushes use hourglass shapes that conform to your scalp, which means more control over your hair.

If you have a medium to coarse hair texture, our Monroe Latina Envy Hourglass brush will suit your needs well. Designed explicitly for added tension and root control, it’ll provide you with plenty of volume and straight, curled, or wavy hair. You can get a flat iron look without a flat iron with the right technique and the right brush.

If you have fine to medium hair, our Monroe Etiquette Round Styling brush will help you achieve beautiful volume. It is ideal to create straight, or wavy locks. No matter your hair texture, you can use this as a finishing brush for adding VOLUME smoothness and shine.

If you have fine, medium, or curly hair, our Monroe Glamour Hourglass brush will be your best friend if you want to straighten your mane. You can use this brush to add length to your bottom layers or polish your bangs, too.


a pictorial on how to do a blowout

Begin with the hair at the front of your head. Position the brush underneath the hair, starting at the roots. Turn the brush 1/4 to 1/2 of a full rotation.

Pull the brush straight down to the ends of your hair — with our Monroe hourglass brushes you don’t need to keep twisting! Use a load, lock,  and pull technique to brush hair. Let the brush do the work--this is kinder to your hair and wrist.

Position the blow dryer over the section of hair. It should be at its highest speed, the nozzle following the brush closely but never directly touching your hair. Hair will dry faster if you allow space between the dryer and the brush.

If you’re creating curls or waves, coil the sections up again and clip them to your head. Pinning the curls helps to maintain their shape as they cool off.

Step 3: Finish

Brushopolis Prepping Paddle Brush, Monroe Latina Envy Hourglass, and Teasedale Classic Brushes

Now it’s time to let your hair out in all its glory.

After your hair has cooled off, take out any clips. Next, flip your head over and shake your hair out. For the finishing touches, use our Monroe Etiquette Brush as a finisher. To polish any frizz or flyaways, you can mist a light hold hairspray onto the brush and run it gently through your hair.

If more volume is what you desire, then you can use our Teasedale Classic Brush to tease any areas that need a boost. A popular area to tease is the crown of your head. Tease your hair and use a volumizing spray in the days after to revive your hair. Scoop hair in a  “C” shape at your roots to create volume with minimal breakage.

A Brushopois Teasedale CLassic Teasing Brush

While the motions might take some getting used to, doing your own blowout at home is a great way to save time. You can style it exactly as you want it in the comfort of your bathroom with tools and products that you know work well for you.

With any blowout, you need a hairbrush that is tailored to your scalp. Brushoplis hair brushes are easy on your wrists, and excellent for every hair need and type. Whether you’re looking to detangle, straighten, curl, or add shine, Brushopolis’ brushes can fulfill every task. Add one (or two) to your shopping cart today!


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