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Holiday Hair Tips from Brushopolis

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We all love a good holiday party or get-together. Part of the fun comes from looking your absolute best. Get the most gorgeous holiday hair with Brushopolis professional hair brushes, and stand out at every party you attend this holiday season.

Start Fresh Out of the Shower

woman gently towel drying her hair

A good blow-dry with Brushopolis professional hair brushes is the key to having the most incredible holiday hair.


  • Apply appropriate finishing product après le shower
  • Gently towel dry hair, so it’s damp and no longer soaking wet
  • Untangle hair with the Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush, starting from the ends of your hair and working your way up to the scalp
  • Using a professional hairdryer in circular movements, blow your locks to around 70 percent dry

Get to Work

  • Create a section around the crown of your head, leaving a halo of about 2 inches of hair around the part on the crown and top of your head
  • Grab a Monroe styling professional hairbrush of your choice (either hourglass or round shape) and a professional blowdryer like the Dyson Supersonic
  • Set your hairdryer to its fastest speed, being sure to always keep the nozzle and handle of the hot tool parallel to one another

Things to Remember

a woman holding her hands by her face on red background

  • Work in smaller, easy to manage sections
  • Keep your blowdryer perpendicular to the sections of hair and using the heat to your advantage
  • Maintain minimal space between the dryer and the hair, without touching the professional hairbrush or hair itself. This keeps your scalp and hair safe from burning and allows for the optimal evaporation of water molecules.

Get the Polished Look

  • Before getting to work on your hair, make sure each section is knot and tangle-free
  • Use the Monroe brush by Brushopolis of your choosing and start working through sections near your neck
  • Create tension on the section using your Brushopolis professional hairbrush and work slowly down the hair shaft with the dryer
  • You should only have to work through each section a maximum of 2 times. If it takes more than two passes to get the hair dry, your hair is too wet
  • Finish the initial 2-inch section of hair and then remove the sectioning clip at your crown. Repeat these steps on the remaining top layer of hair 

Finish it Up

  • For the shiniest hair ever, finish by brushing through your freshly dried hair with a Brushopolis 100% Boar Bristle finishing brush. The natural bristles will close the hair cuticle making it shiny and protecting it from humidity
  • Add the finishing product of your choosing

Let’s Get to the Tips

Now that you’ve used your Brushopolis professional hairbrushes to get a sleek and shiny base, it’s time to style.

Go for a Classic Look

a woman with a beautiful chignon hair style

A traditional, natural style is an excellent way to keep from cringing when you look back on holiday party photos.

Your hair will look amazing as it is right after your Brushopolis sponsored blow-dry. You can leave it as is. Your colleagues will think you splurged on a blowout from your local salon.

If updos are more your thing, try a timeless chignon or simple, low bun.

Try Something Different

If your usual ‘do at the office is swept up and off your face, wear it down. If you always wear your hair down, try a twist or sleek ponytail for a change! 

People will notice when you change up your “hair uniform,” and it will definitely give you that party “wow-factor.”

Whatever way you style your hair for the holiday party, you’ll look great as long as you start with the Brushopolis blow-dry technique.

Go Big or Go Home

Let’s make a new saying, “the bigger the hair, the better the party.”

However you opt to style your hair for your upcoming holiday parties, make sure you use the coveted Brushopolis Teasedale Classic Brush. This brush is the best way to get tons of amped-up volume.

To use the Teasedale to backcomb your hair without damaging it, scoop the hair in a “C” shape at your roots.

After teasing, be sure to smooth down the top layer of hair to hide all the backcombing. 

There is no better hair travel companion that the Teasedale Volumizing Brush

In a pinch before heading to that holiday party after work? How about getting off that cross-country airplane flight to meet friends, family, or special someone? You’ll want to look your best after that long-haul flight. 

The Teasedale is for more than just teasing. It is the BEST at refining ends, building volume, smoothing flyaways and gives you that incredible, refined look you want. 

Take this brush with you because it fits perfectly in your purse or backpack. Or, better yet, have your “at-home” Teasedale, and get another one to go and keep it permanently in your bag.

Add Fun Accessories

a woman modeling many gold and pearl clips in her hair

Whether you choose to rock a chignon or an elegant, straight look, fun, and sparkly accessories scream “holiday party!”

Here are some ideas for some cute holiday party hair accessories:

  • Look like an adorable present by pulling back the top half of your hair into a festive bow
  • Go nuts with the teasing before creating an updo, and add a sparkly or jewel-tone headband
  • Get trendy by adding larger than life metallic clips with pearls or rhinestones
  • Create intricate and edgy designs with multiple red, green or gold bobby pins on the sides of your head above your ears
  • If you choose to celebrate with Ugly Sweater style parties, pair your funky top with either store-bought or homemade reindeer antlers

Happy Holidays from Brushopolis

someone giving a gift on a teal background

No matter what holiday hairstyle you choose, you’ll look amazing with a beautifully blow-dried base. Feel confident in your hair all year long when you use Brushopolis professional hair brushes to blow-dry and style your gorgeous mane.

Give the gift of Brushopolis this season.

Be sure to add the Teasedale Classic Brush, Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush, and any hourglass or round-shaped Monroe Styling Brushes to your hair styling arsenal. Or gift them to your mom, best friend, and anyone else on your list.

These brushes are the ultimate party prep tools that everyone will love!


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