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Professional Brush Set for Medium to Coarse Hair
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Prep, style and finish your hair with the right tool for each step of your styling process! Get a reduced price with this special 3-brush pro set (compared to buying the brushes individually).

#1 PREP: Prepping Paddle

For wet hair detangling, sectioning and prep for blow-dry styling…The Monroe Prepping Paddle is designed to give you major detangling power, without stretching and breaking fragile wet hair! Lightweight and comfortable to use, it's the essential first step for detangling and sectioning wet hair in preparation for styling with your blow dryer and a Monroe round or oval brush.

#2 STYLE: Mystique

Proudly Manufactured in USA, the Monroe Mystique takes the mystery out of choosing the right styling brush for your perfect blow-dry because it works on nearly every type of hair!* It’s the ideal brush for blowing out wavy or fine to medium textured hair and is gentle on dry and processed hair.

For even smoother, shinier finish to locks and ends, we recommend using a Monroe 100% first-cut boar bristle finishing brush once you’ve styling your hair with the Mystique. (*If you have “difficult” or highly textured hair check out our Latina Envy styling brush)

#3 FINISH: Teasedale

For controlled volume, up-dos, artistic styling and everyday refining...The Teasedale is a high-performance brush engineered to easily create maximum volume with minimum breakage. 3 rows of 100% first-cut boar bristle, each at a different level, provide better traction than a traditional teasing brush, meaning you get more volume with fewer passes through the hair thus less breakage.

The high-quality of the natural boar bristle is gentle on hair and extensions, evenly distributing product and your natural oils. The narrow head provides precision and control for refining everyday styles, like blending those baby hairs along your hair line (see how in this ).

Teasedale is made out of poplar it's hypoallergenic. Plus, the ergonomic shape makes it easy to use. This brush is sure to be your everyday fav!


Use a professional dryer with directional nozzle pointing from roots to ends

  1. Detangle and dry hair at least 70% with your Monroe Prepping Paddle
  2. SEPARATE hair into sections with clips
  3. LOAD a section that fits the bristle area of your Monroe Mystique hourglass brush
  4. LOCK hair into bristles by pushing brush into hair at roots while slightly turning brush (about a quarter to a half rotation)
  5. PULL brush straight thru to ends, following closely with dryer (there’s no need to wind a Monroe hourglass brush)

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