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Why You Need 3 Hair Brushes for Perfect Hair

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We all love great looking, healthy hair. But what if we told you the secret to having the most incredible hair doesn’t have to do with having the best hairbrush?

Gorgeous hair has to do with having three of the best hairbrushes!

At Brushopolis, we believe there are three steps to achieving happy hairand each step needs its own, amazing Brushopolis made hairbrush.

You cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin, so why not prep, style, and finish your hair?

Keep reading to learn about the Brushopolis three hairbrush method.


Prepping the hair is a critical step in getting the glorious hair you deserve. For this step, we always recommend the Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush. You know it was made for this step because the word “prep” is even part of the name!

This hairbrush is the best for prepping the hair because it is gentle on fragile, wet hair.

Suited to any hair type, you can count on the Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush to successfully and safely detangle any knots in wet or dry hair.

Use this brush to effortlessly section your hair for any blowdry or style. You can count on the Monroe Prepping Paddle to be your best pal when blowdrying your hair 70% dry before styling with an oval or round brush too.

This brush is a classic looking paddle brush that is lightweight and easy to use. Once you give one a try, you’ll find yourself lost without your Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush.


a before and after shot of styled hair from behind

Styling your hair shouldn’t be the daunting and time-consuming task that it sometimes becomes. 

At Brushopolis, we believe that part of having the best hairbrush means that they make styling your hair, and consequently your life, easier.

When creating our hairbrushes, we engineered them to be the easiest to use and most effective at styling your hair.

Our tools have cushiony handles that are comfortable to hold and use. These brushes are all designed to create perfect tension to alleviate strain on your wrists, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and as not to damage them from the repetitive motion of blowdrying.

We use 100% first-cut boar bristles to minimize static and increase shine and silkiness while styling. These natural fibers also wick away moisture to speed up dry time. And, these bristles help evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils to keep it nourished and healthy.

Depending on your hair type, it might be best to integrate other bristles with the boar to achieve the desired style.

Keep reading: learn about boar bristles in our other blog post, The Benefits of Boar Bristle Brushes.

Find your best hairbrush or styling below!

Meet the Styling Brushes

If you have coarse, highly-textured hair, the patent-pending Monroe Latina Envy Brush was created with you in mind. This patent-pending brush is made with 100% first-cut boar bristle and thermal tension quills that soften as you blowdry. 

You will get optimum tension and root control needed to tame the most difficult locks out there.

The hourglass oval PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core will speed up your dry time by up to 40% too! The heat retention core uses the heat of the blowdryer and holds it in at a temperature that speeds up dry time, without ever burning your hair.

If you have medium to coarse hair, we recommend the Monroe Mystique Hourglass Round Styling Brush. This classic brush also features first-cut boar bristles and is kind to damaged hair.

Like the Latine Envy, the Mystique brush has an hourglass shape to mirror the contour of the scalp, giving you incredible tension.

For fine to medium hair, the Monroe Etiquette Hourglass Round brush is the best hairbrush! This sleek, black number will take your fine to medium hair and boost its volume through the roof. There’s a reason it’s our most popular hairbrush!

For more straight looks, the Monroe Glamour will make fine to medium hair straight and smooth, without the damaging heat of an iron. Perfect for lengthening bottom layers and refining fringe.

It has the hourglass shape, PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core, and the boar bristles like the other brushes and can be used on all hair types, but it is ideal for hair that’s on the finer side.

Learn more: checkout about the Monroe Etiquette in this video from Brushopolis’ co-founder Anne. Find Your Perfect Brush: Monroe USA Etiquette hourglass volumizing brush for fine to medium hair.


You’re not through until you use the best hairbrushes designed to finish the job!

To finish your hair, you must use a 100% first-cut boar bristle brush.

Using brushes with boar bristles gives you the sleekest hair ever. Because these bristles are a natural fiber, they have a cuticle just like your own hair does. This cuticle smoothes your hair’s cuticle giving your locks an incredible sheen.

To finish your hair, the Monroe Etiquette Hourglass Round Styling + Finishing brush is an excellent choice! 

Another option for the finishing step is the Teasedale Classic Brush. This versatile brush can be used not only to smooth down and finish your look, but it can also create tons of incredible volume for that va-va-voom look that really completes your style.

Use the three levels of premium boar bristle to successfully tame flyaways and baby hairs and smoothe hair into a gorgeous updo or stylish pony.

Your hair just isn’t finished until you’ve used your Teasedale Classic Brush.

You can also finish with the UTOPIA, the perfect brush for daily scalp + hair health!

Watch now: Co-founder and Mayor of Brushopolis explains why you definitely need three brushes for stunning hair. Why You Need At Least 3 Hair Brushes for Healthier Hair.

Head out the door

Now that you’ve successfully prepped, styled and finished your gorgeous mane, you’re ready for wherever the day takes you. 

Feel confident that your hair looks and feels the absolute best after following the Brushopolis three brush method.

Take a trip to the Brushopolis website today, and pick up your three brushes so you can try this system today.

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