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The Benefits of Boar Bristle Brushes

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Boar bristle brushesyou’ve definitely heard of them, but do you know how great they are for your hair and scalp?

These types of brushes are essential to having your healthiest and best-looking hair.

If you’re in the market for a boar bristle brush, visit Brushopolis today and pick up one of our many first-cut boar bristle brushes today.

Not convinced you need a brush with boar bristles? Keep reading to discover all the things you’re missing out on without one.

Get naturally conditioned

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Boar bristle is porous (like a sponge) under a microscope. Because of its texture, it disperses the natural oils of your hair from your scalp throughout the strands of your hair. 

By coating each hair strand with this small amount of natural oils, a boar bristle brush conditions dry hair and adds a radiant shine. Your hair will feel softer too! 

With the natural shine a boar bristle brush provides, you can skip the shine serum or spray to your already gorgeous hair. 

Eventually, your hair will become healthier, smoother, and more conditioned with consistent brushing using a Brushopolis boar bristle brush. When you have happier hair, you’ll use fewer leave-in conditioners and other hair products--giving your wallet some much-needed relief!

Read more on The Insanity of the Bad Hair Day Cycle: more product does not equal healthier or better-looking hair. All you really need is a high-quality Brushopolis hairbrush.

Get a volume boost

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Round boar bristle brushes provide just the right amount of tension on the hair when you blow-dry. Because of this tension, it allows you to create incredible lift, while also smoothing the ends of your hair. 

Opt for a round or oval boar bristle brush like the Monroe Etiquette Hourglass Brush or the Monroe Grand Gala for peak volume, body, and shine.

Or, go even bigger and finish up with some backcombing with the Teasedale Classic Brush. With three rows of staggered level 100% first-cut boar bristles, you get better traction than with a standard teasing brush.

Let’s face it; if you want big hair (to hide all those secrets), you gotta go boar bristle.

Bye-bye static and frizz

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While boar bristle is invaluable in itself, Brushopolis infuses theirs with minerals, too.

The mineral infusion in the brush makes your hair even sleeker and shinier than you ever thought possible. Plus, infusing boar bristles with minerals minimizes the amount of static while blow-drying your hair.

Furthermore, these kinds of brushes smoothe down the hair cuticle if you are following the Brushopolis 3-step blowout process. As long as you’re creating tension and using directional nozzle control, you’ll be left with a frizz-free, bombshell mane.

With Brushopolis you’ll go from looking like Mia Thermopolis to shining as Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Princess of Genovia. 

Show your scalp some love

The boar bristle brush is the perfect tool to let your scalp know you appreciate all its hard work for growing your brag-worthy mane! Brushing your hair and gently massaging it with a boar bristle brush stimulates blood flow and can unclog the hair follicle. 

According to Allure Magazine, a soft boar bristle brush is ideal for stimulating your scalp without irritating it, and the Brushopolis Utopia brush is the perfect hair tool for optimal scalp and hair health.

Giving your scalp a relaxing massage with a boar bristle brush is excellent for overall hair health, but some people even claim it stimulates hair growth too! Even if that’s not scientifically proven, you’ll still feel pampered, and your hair and scalp will thank you anyway.

Spend less time doing your hair

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Brushopolis brushes are designed to get you out of the house at lightning speed! One of the many brush features that make this a possibility are, in fact, the boar bristles.

These natural bristles wick away moisture faster than synthetic materials. Combine this with hourglass barrel shapes that are designed to let air flow through them, and you’ve got the perfect storm to create fantastic hair. 

With some of our Brushopolis brushes, you can cut your blow-dry time down by 30 to 40%. 

Spend less time doing your hair and more time showing it off at work, the mall, or wherever your heart desires.

Good, clean fun

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While it isn’t a replacement for shampoo, a boar bristle brush can keep your hair cleaner. Styling products and sprays often attract free radicals and dirt; when you use less, your hair is cleaner.

Try giving your strands a couple passes with a boar bristle brush before a wash, and you’ll get extra squeaky clean hair.

Remember how boar bristle moves around your scalp’s natural oils? It works great at spreading around dry shampoo too. 

To extend time in between washes, spray dry shampoo at your oily roots in short bursts. Let the product sit for a minute, and then brush through with your Brushopolis brush.

But don’t forget to care for your brushes! Sign up for Brushopolis Bathtime. We’ll send you a little reminder when it’s time for your brush to take a bath. Protect your investment and care for your precious boar bristle babies.

Why first-cut boar bristle?

Boar Bristles come in three different cuts. Of the three, the most beneficial is the first cut, because it is the healthiest and strongest one. First-Cut boar bristle is fairly expensive, but there is a reason we opt to use it to manufacture our brushesfirst-cut boar bristle is simply the best. 

Pure nylon bristles will pull your hair and cause breakage, especially if you start blow-drying with the hair very wet or if you have processed hair. Metal bristles can be the most damaging to hair because they often retain hair and will strip the hair cuticle, leaving it unprotected from the elements.

The ideal bristle should feel firm to your touch, not flimsy. For thicker, coarser hair, select a brush with high-quality, 100% boar bristle plus a nylon quill.

The quill will grab the thicker hair, while the boar smoothes the cuticle (something nylon can’t do). Boar also helps distribute product and wick away moisture to speed the blow-dry.

At Brushopolis, we only use first-cut in all of our brushes because it actually closes the cuticle of the hair, and gives you incredible shine and a polished look. 

We want to provide the highest quality hair brushes to our customers, and using only 100% premium boar bristle is one of the best ways to do it. 

To sum it all up

If you were unsure if a boar bristle brush from Brushopolis was worth the investment before this blog post, we hope you’ve changed your mind.

Nothing will give you added shine, hair and scalp health, static reduction, and volume quite like a Brushopolis first-cut boar bristle brush.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Brushopolis today and get your very own boar bristle brush. You’re going to love it!

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