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The Best Spring 2020 Hair Trends

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With the New Year rapidly approaching, it's time to get excited about all the upcoming looks in beauty and fashion. Get ready to learn all about the best Spring 2020 hair trends, and how hair brushes from Brushopolis can help you achieve them!

Super shiny beach hair

woman in smiling in rose colored sunglasses

One of the best Spring 2020 hair trends is super bright, beachy waves. Think of effortless 70's vibes. Soft, pliable waves, with less structured texture--especially through mid-length and ends. This hairstyle works on long bobs, medium length hair, and long locks. 

This style looks best of buttery or soft blondes, and any natural tones with tons of dimension so you can really see that shine.

All of Brushopolis' first-cut boar bristles brushes will help you seal in your hairs' cuticles and give you the most incredible shine you've ever seen. All that shine is perfect for a look like this.

The Monroe Grand Gala Finishing Brush is the perfect tool to get this trendy hair. To create the waves, gently wind the brush around sections of hair while blow-drying, and safely pull down to release the curl from the tool.

You'll love this look (and brush!) so much; you'll do it over and over again.

The flip

woman with retro flipped hair looking through an old camera

Another blast from the past, this Spring 2020 hair trend is reminiscent of the 1960s.

A little less structured and a little softer than the original look, you've seen celebs like Ariana Grande and JLo rocking looks like this.

The best news about this hairstyle making a come back is that you NEED a round brush to perfect it.

We suggest the Monroe Glamour Hourglass Round Styling + Finishing Brush.

Use our distinctive lime green tool to create lots of volume at the root, especially the crown. At the ends of your hair flip the brush outwards away from your head and neck to create this fun, retro flip.

We think it looks particularly cute in a half up/half down style or in a big pony. (Think Ariana Grande in the 'Problem' music video.)

You'll be ready to film your own music video with this adorable 'do. 

The half-back

woman with ornate hair clip looking at flowers

This look is perfect to use your favorite sparkly barrette! 

After blow-drying your hair, part your hair to whichever side you choose. Take the Classic Teasedale Teasing Brush and spray it with some hairspray. Smooth back the section of your hair that is smaller and secure with the clip of your choosing.

Bobby pins work great, or big pearly barrettes and 80s style hair combs are also in style. However you rock it, the Teasdale will make sure your hair is flyaway-free and oh-so-sleek.

Slicked back

woman with slicked back hair on blue background

The wet look is still a hit!

For this Spring 2020 hair trend, you must start with tangle-free locks. A tangled wet look would look messy, not trendy.

Prep your hair for this sleek style by detangling your wet hair with the Monroe Prepping Paddle Classic Brush.

This brush will gently detangle your fragile, wet (and dry!) hair. Begin blow-drying your hair until the ends are dry, using the Monroe Etiquette Brush.

After your hair is dry on the ends, wet your hands in the sink and take a dollop of gel. Run your hands through your roots, being sure you push all the hair behind your ears. Use more gel as needed.

Finish the look with hairspray for hold.

You can show off this look with a part or without, and this look is fantastic on any hair length. Many models have been rocking this look on the runway for this upcoming season, and you will be too!

Bouncy ponytail

woman with pretty ponytail on purple background

For this Spring 2020 hair trend, you'll need lots of volume! Start by blowing out your hair. Learn how by clicking here!

Use the Monroe Mystique Hourglass Round Styling Brush to give yourself lots of volume at your roots.

Be sure to create soft bends in your hair, as opposed to curls. You can create this effect by gently winding the ends of your hair around the brush while blow-drying.

After your hair is dry and styled with the round brush, gather your hair into a mid-level ponytail. Be sure not to sleek back the top too tightly, because a little poof on top will give you a timeless look.

Secure your pony with an elastic. To create an even more polished look, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Secure the section of hair with a bobby pin and voila! A gorgeous pony courtesy of Brushopolis.

Long bangs

woman with long blonde bangs holding a pair of scissors

If you've wanted to try out bangs, longer ones are a great way to audition the look.

Ask your stylist for blunt bangs that go past your eyebrows. Since there is less of a commitment with longer bangs, you free-spirited babes won't freak out after two weeks of your new look.

The versatility of these bangs is another plus! You can make them textured and piece-y with a little structure and product, or you can blow them out, so they're sleek and smooth.

A smaller brush size is critical when it comes to styling bangs and short layers.

We recommend the Monroe Lady in Red Ceramic Styling Brush. An "American Salon Magazine" Editor's Pick, is a necessity for girls who rock a shorter 'do or bangs like these.

All you have to is blow-dry with the Monroe Lady in Red, and you'll have everyone wanting bangs. After all, it's a hot Spring 2020 hair trend.

Be on-trend with Brushopolis

Whatever your hair goals, you need an incredible set of brushes to give you beautifully styled, and healthy hair.

Look no further than Brushopolis. Our brushes make every day a good hair day, so add some to your shopping cart on our website today!


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