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The Insanity of the Bad Hair Day Cycle

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We spend countless hours trying to find the secret to having the best-looking hair. The Google searches range anywhere from “how to repair split ends,” “how to make hair grow faster,” to “How to get healthy hair.”

These types of searches give endless results of miracle products and salon services that promise hair health and repair.

But what if we told you that the secret to excellent hair health relies more on high-quality brushes then it does on hair products?

Think of it this way: you use a range of different makeup brushes to achieve the look you want: different sizes, shapes, and textures. 

Unfortunately, hairbrushes are often forgotten in the equation of healthy hair. Keep reading and

learn why high-quality hairbrushes from Brushopolis are essential to ending lousy hair days.

What is the Bad Hair Day Cycle?

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The Bad Hair Day Cycle is the beauty industry’s advocacy of heat tools as well as styling and

repair products that keep their consumers locked in a routine that isn’t making their hair any healthier.

We know that heat can be damaging to hair. The use of hot tools like flat irons, curling wands, and blow dryers causes damage to the hair.

When the hair becomes damaged, the beauty industry recommends various products like masks, leave-in conditioners, and sprays to make the damage less noticeable or “repaired.”

This heat damage combined with false promises from styling products leads to an endless cycle of damaged and unruly hair. And without a major change, you will be locked into that damaged, unruly hair for life.

Heat Damage 101

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Nothing makes you feel confident quite like impeccably styled hair. But those super hot curling irons and lava hot hairdryers are not helping the condition of your hair. 

Then layer on a range of extra sprays and shine serums, and you may start seeing heat-damaged symptoms like:

  • Split ends
  • Breakage
  • Dryness
  • Easily tangles
  • Difficulty brushing and styling
  • Rough texture

If your hair is this damaged, you will spend way too much time trying to find the perfect mix of products, flattening, blowdrying, and more.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t fully repair heat damage--you can only remove it by permanently cutting it off.

The only guaranteed method to avoid heat damaged hair is by preventing it, not correcting it.

Preventing heat damage means using lower settings on hot tools and cutting back on the heat styling.

Brushopolis brushes combined with a high-quality hair dryer like the Dyson Supersonic are a winning combination for cutting back on the time it takes to dry your hair, in turn, damaging your hair less overall.

More Products Are Not Your Solution

hair products on shelves

Unfortunately, no miracle hair potion or lotion can rectify the damage done to hair. However, this isn’t what the beauty industry wants you to believe.

The beauty industry likes to convince their consumers that their products can indeed repair split ends and breakage, even though we know this to be false.

Products only mask the issues you have with your hair, and they are not a viable solution to repairing damaged hair.

Now that doesn’t mean that hair products are bad or aren’t helpful. High-quality hair products are your friends, just in the right proportion.

Using layers upon layers of hair products can lead to buildup, making your hair look worse than it does with no product. If your hair looks limp, greasy, dull, and doesn’t hold a curl or style, you may be using too much product.

Not to mention, if the products build up on your scalp, it can hinder hair growth, leaving your hair

looking and feeling damaged for much longer than it needs to be.

Invest in Healthier, Happier Hair

The Bad Hair Day Cycle can affect more than just your hair--your wallet takes a hard hit too.

The idea that you need a high-quality shampoo, shine serum, a mousse, leave-in conditioner, and hair spray to have great hair can lead to you dropping major bucks on something that inevitably gets washed down the drain.

Invest your money in something that genuinely helps you break the cycle of bad hair with Brushopolis brushes.

While $50 or more may seem steep for a hairbrush, remind yourself that it is on something that doesn’t damage your hair and lasts years.

Spending a lot of money on expensive products means your money will last only as long as the product does. A high-quality brush is worth the investment though, considering how long a Brushopolis hairbrush will last you.

How Brushopolis Can Help

It seems unbelievable, but a high-quality hairbrush does a lot to give you healthy and beautiful

hair. Here are some ways that Brushopolis brushes help end the Bad Hair Day Cycle:

● Brushopolis only uses first-cut boar bristles for their hairbrushes.

Your $12 drugstore brush probably isn’t doing your hair any favors. Harsh nylon bristles could be secretly scraping your hair cuticle, which results in damaged hair.

Instead of scraping and damaging the cuticle of the hair like other bristle materials, the boar bristle closes the cuticle of the hair, leaving it healthy, polished, and shiny.

● The hourglass shape gives you better tension and control.

The unique hourglass shape of Brushopolis’ Monroe brushes mimics the natural shape of the scalp, giving you even tension while blowdrying.

● These brushes shorten blowdry time.

Due to the brush shape and boar bristles, Brushopolis brushes cut down on drying time by up to 40%. Cutting back on blow dry time results in less heat styling and damage overall, thus helping to end the cycle of bad hair days.

● You can style while you blowdry with these brushes.

With Brushopolis, you can create many styles, such as curly, wavy, or straight, while you blowdry your hair. 

This versatility almost eliminates the need for other heat tools like flat irons and curling wands. Heat-style your hair once, not twice! Save your hair from more damage and save yourself some time in your day.

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The Bottom Line

There is no magic potion that will repair your hair from damage overnight. The real key to healthy hair is damage prevention, not repair.

While often overlooked, high-quality hair brushes are the real secret to healthy and great looking hair. Brushopolis brushes are the catalyst for change in ending the Bad Hair Day Cycle and getting healthy hair.

Invest your money in something that works, and you can start by shopping the Brushopolis website today.

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