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The Best Brushopolis Brushes for Your Hair Type

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Enjoying the perfect hair day helps you feel as though you can conquer the world, and makes an incredible difference to your self-esteem and happiness. Achieving a fantastic look can sometimes seem impossible, but we have the secret weapon you need to succeed with any style: it's all in the brush! 

Finding the perfect brush for your hair type can make your life so much easier and make your hair look its best. Keep on reading for our top tips and insider secrets to discover how to make every day a great hair day by using Brushopolis hair brushes curated for your specific hair type!

Your Hair Type

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There are two main secrets to great hair: picking a style that highlights your best features and using the best tools to keep it looking tip-top day after day. The best brush type for you is an individual thing and depends mainly on your hair type and quality. Texture refers to the diameter of your hair strands and is an important consideration to ensure the right choice. There are three basic types of hair texture:

  • Fine: this type is delicate, and has the smallest diameter per strand
  • Medium: this type tends to be the easiest to work with 
  • Coarse: this is thick, resilient and can be tricky to manage

No matter your type of hair, picking the right brush will help you to manage and manipulate the unique qualities, and make sure that every style looks its best.


One of the most common complaints customers voice about fine hair is the lack of volume, and this is an important consideration when you are picking your hairbrush. It would help if you had a hairbrush that can build waves and movement, creating more volume and body in fine hair.

The Monroe Etiquette shouts volume because it was designed specifically to amp up the angle of your hair AND smooth and add shine. How does it do that? Look at the side of the Etiquette and you will see that each of the bristles are slightly angled. This took some serious engineering, especially since this brush is also hourglass-shaped to provide even tension. Put them together and the Etiquette brush is the tip-top seller because it makes fine to medium hair volumize with ease!

The Grand Gala can also help to build volume and create delicious, beachy waves. This oval and hourglass brush reduces the risk of damage from heated appliances and allows you to build volume right at the root. Lift at this part of the hair is more likely to last through the day, and stay smooth and shiny while still offering plenty of much-needed movement. The soft bristles also reduce damage, which can be caused by wear and tear and tugging at the hair, creating split ends and causing your hair to loose a smooth, even sheen. 

A Teasdale Classic is also an essential tool from Brushopolis; this brush helps you to create stunning back-combs and gravity-defying volume, even on the finest hair. It is super gentle to reduce the risk of breakages, and is a perfect way to gain some serious height! It allows you to create photo-ready updos, and is designed to be super gentle even on extensions, keeping your hair in the best possible condition, no matter how many times you change up your look!


This hair type tends to hold styles more efficiently and is less prone to breakages than hair that is fine. It offers plenty of volume and movement with less work. 

The Utopia brush is a perfect pick if you have fine to medium hair; it allows oils from the scalp to be distributed throughout the hair more evenly, ensuring all-over shine and helping to keep your hair super healthy and in the very best condition. The Utopia brush is a great way to start your style, ensuring that you are working with smooth and untangles tresses while reducing the risk of unwanted damage.

Monroe Glamour Hourglass Round Styling Brush is an incredible option for styling medium hair types. This bright green brush is easy to spot in bathroom clutter. The boar bristles and hourglass round PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core speeds drying time by up to 40%.

To finish your look, you can turn to the Monroe Etiquette brush. This hairbrush is the perfect product to add much-needed volume, while still offering plenty of shine and helping to protect and care for your hair. It provides maximum tension through an hourglass shape designed to mirror the shape of the scalp. The tension allows the brush to follow the natural curve of your head and helps you to weave sleek waves with ease.


At the top end of the spectrum is coarse hair, and this tends to be very thick, full, and can be challenging to manage, as well as taking ages to dry! On the plus side, this hair type tends to hold curls very well, and can be transformed into a sleek, elegant style in no time - as long as you have the right tools at your disposal!

Coarse hair can be very curly and unruly, and so you need a brush that can cope with the tangles with ease! In your arsenal should be the Monroe Latina Envy round brush; this is perfect for getting a real grip on thicker hair and will allow you to curl and style without having to tug or pull the strands. This brush provides maximum tension, perfect for both straightening hair or for creating waves without applying excess heat. The ergonomic handle means you will have complete control at every step of the styling process. 

The Latina Envy uses porcupine bristles to boost tension and allow you more control, all while effectively penetrating the strands to help you get to the heart of your hair. The porcupine bristles also hold the hair in place, allowing the shorter boar bristles to polish the cuticle, combining control and shine.

The bristles throughout the Monroe range are all made from high-quality boar bristle. These bristles help the natural oils from the scalp to be evenly distributed throughout the hair and to the ends. These bristles also smooth down the cuticle for even and high-gloss shine without having to weight your hair down with lots of products. What's more is that the use of a natural fiber means that moisture is wicked away more rapidly, speeding up your drying time by 30%!

What Are You Waiting For?

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It's time to make sure that bad hair days are nothing more than a bad dream by heading over to Brushopolis today and picking up brushes that are perfectly designed for your hair type. Start building your perfect-hair toolkit and grab your chance to shine!


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