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How to Have a Good Hair Day With Brushopolis

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woman having a bad hair day

There are a few things in life that can have a severe impact on your mood: a bad patch of weather, a terrible day at work, and, perhaps most crucially, falling victim to a bad hair day. If you've been searching for a guide on "how to have a good hair day," look no further. 

Our hair can have a surprising impact on the way we feel about ourselves, and it can be a challenge to find the look which is perfect for you. 

Brushopolis hairbrushes are your secret weapon when it comes to tackling bad hair days, and we are here to let you know how to have a good hair day using the ultimate insider tips and tricks! Keep reading to find out how to have a good hair day, every day.

Find your look

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The first secret is to find your ideal look. Finding a look that suits you can take a little time and research but is well worth putting in the effort. Finding the right hairstyle depends on a few factors. 

  • your bone structure and overall look
  • your lifestyle, including your job and any hobbies
  • your style and preferences

Some considerations when picking your dream do include:

Your lifestyle

The role you carry out day to day will have a significant impact on the style you choose. If you are a busy mom, running around after children, you may prefer something practical and tidy, which can swept-back with no fuss at a moment's notice. 

Those who have active hobbies or busy schedules will likely prefer a low maintenance 'do, which can be styled and ready to go in no time. If you can make your hair work for you, good hair days will become your new normal.

The type of hair you have

brunette woman smiling and holding curly hair on purple background

Your hair type will also have an impact on the hairstyle you choose, and can really make or break your look. If you naturally have fine or wispy hair, the addition of a few layers can add volume and totally transform your appearance. Those blessed with thick, curly hair may need a shorter style to make it more manageable, or prefer the weight with added length can offer. 

Your face shape

Determining your face shape is crucial when picking the best haircut for your appearance. Rounder faces tend to need a little more length to allow for balance and suit long bangs or a graduated finish. If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, you can benefit from almost any style, while a long, thin face could be totally lit up with a structured, layered do. 

Making sure that your hair is a perfect match for the other aspects of your body gives you a great base to start from; no matter what you do with your hair, you know you will look amazing.

Your time

woman in pink pointing to large watch on her wrist

In addition to making sure your hair suits your lifestyle, you need to make sure you have time to style it. There is no point in having your hair look fantastic after three hours in the salon if this is a commitment, which is unrealistic in your real life. Make sure you can style and control the result quickly, to offer greater confidence and a polished do every day.

Any hairstyle you choose needs to tick all these boxes, and it can be worth working with an experienced stylist to ensure that you craft and create the best finish for your needs. It is crucial to ensure that the hairstyle you choose is easy for you to maintain and manage without too much fuss.

Look at the salon tools stylists use. Pro hairbrushes are created with higher grade bristles, handles, and cores. Brushopolis Monroe Brushes were salon born and were originally only available to working hair pros. These brushes are now made for both salon pros and those seeking better hair days at home.

Learn the secrets to maintenance 

Once you have found your preferred style, make sure you know how to look after it, which shampoos, lotions, and potions are best? 

It can be tempting to purchase a single hairbrush and try to use it for every task. Using just one hairbrush is a rookie mistake, and can easily lead to a bad hair day!

The shampoo

woman washing her hair in the shower

You need to make sure you are using the best products for your hair; this includes picking the best shampoo, serum and conditioning products, and picking items that are designed for your particular hair type.

The tools

The tools you choose are perhaps the ultimate secret weapon in ensuring a good hair day, every day. By equipping your arsenal with the must-have equipment, you are on a fast track to success. The basics essentials include:

A proper prepping brush

Start your day on the right foot by making sure that your hair is neat and well-brushed and removing any tangles. The Prepping Paddle Brush is the first tool you will need - this allows you to get your hair under control, and ready to style. This is a brush to use when your hair is wet or damp.

Styling brush

If you are planning on any sort of style, a round volume brush is a great asset. These kinds of hairbrushes can be super useful when you are blow-drying your hair, as you can lift individual sections as you dry and move around your head, building gradual volume as you go. If you prefer not to use excess heat on your hair, this is a great choice to style as you dry. The Monroe Mystique Hourglass Round Styling Brush will speed up dry time and give you incredible and voluminous hair.

Finishing brush

If you are a fan of straightening your hair but are laying off the heat, a finishing brush allows you to generate shine and add a polished, smooth finish quickly and easily - this can be a massive time saver on a busy morning! Boar bristles are a popular choice and can be a super simple way to add serious shine.

The Utopia by Brushopolis is the perfect brush for daily scalp and hair health. It is a secret tool when you want to have a good hair day. And the Teasedale is the ultimate finisher.

Enjoy your hair every day!

woman having great hair day, smiling and wearing a hat

Getting a good hair day every day doesn't have to be a huge challenge, and there is no need for it to cost you a fortune. With just a few simple changes to your routine, upgrades to your tools, and careful thought into your style, you'll no longer find yourself wondering about how to have a good hair day.

Brushopolis offers a fantastic range of brushes to help you achieve your perfect look every day, and help make sure you look and feel your best without forking out salon prices. What are you waiting for? Take the first steps to a stylish new you today and head over to check out the professional hairbrush line.


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