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5 Things You Can do With a Teasing Brush That Isn't Teasing

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Leaving a salon with totally stunning hair is one of life's smallest, but greatest pleasures. That whole "look at me, because I absolutely ROCK this look" is like having all your favorite holidays at once. But seeing most of us can't afford to do the whole daily hairdresser thing, the next best thing is to learn how to create that look for ourselves, make every day a good hair day, and learn what a teasing brush does for your hair. 

Our hair, literally, is our crowning glory. We can have the rest of our fashion look down pat, but we let ourselves down if our hair isn't the frosting on the cake, so to speak. Spending a few minutes creating that perfect look isn't too high a price to pay when you consider what you're going to achieve.

So what do you need to create that "I just left the salon, and I feel GREAT" look every day?

  • a teasing brush
  • a bit of hairspray
  • a few minutes 

Not much, in other words.

Your hair is the part of your body that is most subject to weather damage. It is the part of your body that is closest to the sun, the first to feel the rain or snowfall, and if you have longer hair, the part of you that gets whipped around in high winds. Looking after your hair by investing in tools that are gentle on this sensitive part of your anatomy is one of the most practical purchases you can make. 

What is a teasing brush?

A teasing brush is not meant to comb knots or tangles out of your hair, or the brush you will use to create a ponytail, braids, or your other preferred style. Like its name implies, a teasing brush will "tease" your hair by gently fluffing it up, maneuvering it into where you want it to stay, and giving your hair more dimension, and that exciting and stylish look you've been craving. 

What this brush really does is volumize. It helps you to create more space, more definition and adds control and shape.

What's the difference between a teasing brush and a regular hairbrush?

A teasing brush is considerably thinner than a regular hairbrush, with softer bristles of varying lengths. The teasing brushes you find at Brushopolis are made of natural boar bristles, which won't damage your hair in any way. Use your main hairbrush for tidying, and your teasing brush for styling or finishing, and you will get the look you're after.

What are some of the best uses for a teasing brush?

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  • After washing and drying your hair, use your teasing brush to create volume. Separate your hair into sections, then take the top layer of each section and gently pull it down in a "C" shape to build volume.
  • Tame your flyaway hair. If you prefer a sleeker, more polished look, then gently brush along the top layer of your hair to smooth out those random hair strands that insist on poking up from your hairline.
  • Keep your hair healthy while styling. If you're not careful, it's easy to damage your hair by using the wrong sort of brush when trying to create the latest look. The Teasedale Classic Brush is safe to use on any hair, including sun-damaged, dry hair, or hair extensions. 
  • Adds shine to even the lackest of lackluster hair. Due to the boar bristles, your teasing brush helps to massage your hair's natural oils. It is crucial to bring these oils down each strand to the tips where damage often occurs and will give your hair that full of life look, that screams of style.

Is a teasing brush something that can be used every day?

Given that teasing brushes, like the Brushopolis Teasedale Classic Brush, are made of natural products that are safe to use on all hair types, daily use is not only possible but recommended. One of Cosmopolitan's journalists did a study on hair growth and health, which found that brushing with boar bristles reduced damage to the hair by distributing natural oils along the whole strand of hair, adding strength and shine. These brushes provide a soft but effective massage to your hair and scalp so that you won't damage even the most fragile of hair. 

What are some of the hairstyles my teasing brush can help me create?

woman on gray background with big, voluminous old Hollywood waves

So, what does a teasing brush do? The answer is almost anything!

Do you want your hair looking smooth and groomed, or tumbled and windswept? Or, all of the above? Fortunately, a teasing brush can achieve all of these looks, so if you fancy a change, you don't need to switch accessories.

  • The smooth look. 

There are always those random hairs that refuse to lie flat and do as they're told. If you have too many of these stubborn, "I'm going to do what I please" hair strands, then your neat, tailored look is ruined. Tame those toughies by spraying your teasing brush with a little bit of hair spray, then lightly brush those rogue hairs flat. You can do this without disturbing your underlying style so that it won't ruin the overall effect.

  • The windswept look.

Never underestimate the appeal of hair that looks like you've been caught in a high wind – it can look incredibly sexy! Think how good Kate Middleton looks when she steps out, tossing her long, flowing locks as though to say, "I may be a duchess, and one day I'm going to be a queen, but that doesn't mean I can't show off my fabulous hair." Separate your hair into sections, then gently, but firmly, backcomb along each section to give it volume and wave. 

What if I want a combination of styles?

woman with dark hair fixing her ponytail in the mirror

One of the most fun ways of using a teasing brush is when you wear your hair in a ponytail. The front of your hair is neatly brushed into the ponytail, but you can go to town, creating texture and an exciting look by adding luster and body to the ponytail. Simply fluff, wave, and curl the hair below the band, and you can combine demure with disheveled for the perfect fashion look. This is truly the perfect Ponytail Bump!

Where can I find out more?

Still not sure about what a teasing brush can do to help you create your perfect look? Check out this video, and when you're convinced, visit our online shopping center and order your Teasedale Classic. Discover the true meaning of "have a great hair day." 

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