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How to Get Ready for Date Night With Brushes from Brushopolis

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woman applying lip liner in mirror while getting ready for date night

Dating can be stressful, but getting ready doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for Brushopolis’ ultimate guide and advice on how to get ready for date night!

The hair

Your hair can make or break your look, and we have a secret: it doesn't have to take an eternity and an army of products!

We recommend styling your hair before your makeup for date night! Avoid any sweaty mishaps by heat styling your hair first.

Incredible hair starts with making sure you have the right hairbrushes to suit your hair, and that it is clean and manageable.

Brushopolis is the answer to your hair woes; with the right brush, you can take the stress out of styling and enjoy shiny, healthy locks, that are a perfect accompaniment to any date night. 

woman with voluminous wavy hair

You'll look a million dollars - and take half the time doing it! Using the right tools can cut the time it takes to look your best in half, and this is valuable if you are juggling the stresses and commitments of everyday life. 

Brushopolis offers brushes for all hair types and can take care of every stage of the process. It is a common misconception that you only need to buy one hairbrush for all tasks. Relying on only one brush can lead to frustration when you don't achieve your desired look.

We recommend using three hairbrushes to get your best hair. Read more about our three brush method here.

Style it up

For a relaxed but gorgeous date night look, begin by washing your hair and combing through with the Prepping Paddle Brush to avoid split ends and breakages. 

Divide your hair into sections to make it easier to work with, and secure these in place.

As you begin to blowdry, switch to a round brush like the patent-pending Monroe Latina Envy Oval Hourglass Styling Brush. Using this brush allows you to grab your hair as you go. All you have to do is lock, load, and pull through.

The signature hourglass shape of Brushopolis styling brushes conforms to the shape of your head, creating incredible tension that creates smooth hair in less time.

Start with the bottom layer as you work the hair around the brush, lifting at the roots and adding volume and movement, and direct the nozzle of the drier closer to the hair without touching the hair or bristles to add heat and body in record time.

Move around your head, unclipping sections as you go, until you're left with a beautiful, sleek lions mane, guaranteed to turn the head of your significant other! 

For a more in-depth explanation of how to get a salon-quality blog post at home, read our blog post here.

Finish your look by brushing through with the Brushopolis Utopia. The mix of nylon quill and boar bristles will give your hair a final detangle and incredible shine. 

Take the stress out of your styling routine and take advantage of the Brushopolis range. Smooth, stylish, and stunning hair is just a stroke away, and can offer you a salon-style do in half the time!

The outfit

frustrated woman looking in her closet trying to pick an outfit for date night

A fancy restaurant or exciting theatre trip allows you to go for a more glamorous look, while a more active date such as a hike or sporting event may lend itself to more casual attire. Be sure to ask your date what they have planned so you don’t show up over or underdressed. 

Whatever the activity you have planned, choose to wear something you feel comfortable in. There is no need to deal with nervous butterflies AND the inability to breathe in a too-tight dress.


woman applying lipstick with a smokey eye

Makeup is a huge component of how to get ready for date night. Here are a few essentials which help any look to go more smoothly and leave you looking and feeling your best:


Thirsty skin never looks its best, so make sure you are starting with a quality base. Cleanse and moisturize to help keep your skin in tip-top condition, and provide a clean surface for your makeup to work with. 

If your skin is looking extra dry or dull, prep the night before with a hyaluronic sheet mask to make your skin glow!

Preparation is key

Never underestimate the importance of a good primer - this can help your makeup to stay in place for longer, as well as offering a more even finish. Be sure so to select a primer that you know works with your skin type!

Date night is the best time to use all of your holy grail products and is the worst time to try a product for the very first time.

Lay the foundation

Make sure your foundation is the right shade for your skin by matching it to your neck and not your hand. Apply the foundation with a quality foundation brush or sponge to ensure smooth, complete coverage.

Conceal the truth

woman applying under eye concealer

Similarly, a quality concealer is essential to hide any dark circles or blemishes, allowing you to look more awake and alert.

Opt to use a shade that is lighter than your foundation to brighten up your face.

To conceal dark circles, choose a concealer with a yellow undertone.

Try not to blush

Once the base is complete, quickly add definition and shape to your face to prevent your features from looking flat and dull. A quick swipe of blusher helps to highlight your cheekbones, and bring your whole face to life. 

A quick tip: Instead of applying blush just on the apples of your cheeks, start there but sweep upwards towards your temples. Doing this accentuates your cheekbones even more than the traditional application.

Highlight the good stuff!

woman smiling with pretty makeup

Highlighter can help to brighten up the face and add definition under the brow and cheekbones.

To really make your highlight pop, spray some setting spray on your brush before dipping into your highlight compact.

Using a damp brush creates a foiled look with your highlight that will be sure to capture your honey's attention.

Brighten those eyes

No date night would be complete without those fantastic eyes! 

How far you choose to go here again depends on the activity; a romantic evening is a perfect excuse for smoky shadow and full lashes, while a basic mascara and eyeliner combo can make your eyes pop on a more casual occasion. 

This is your chance to create some art, and make sure you are irresistible all night long!

If you need help selecting some shades to make your eyes pop here are some ideas:

Blue eyes: warm tones like orange and bronze.

Green eyes: Purples, pinks, and reddish tones

Hazel eyes: green, browns and sometimes blue shades

Brown eyes: jewel tones like navy, emerald, and eggplant

Slick of lip

If you have kept your eye makeup simple, a bright, dramatic lipstick like a sultry wine red can be the perfect way to make a serious statement.

A matte liquid lip is a great choice for date night because they will last through eating and any goodnight kisses.

Date night with Brushopolis

Bookmark or pin this page to your Pinterest so you can always refer back here on when you need to know how to get ready for date night. 

No matter what look you choose for your next date night, Brushopolis is the right tool for the job. Visit the website today and pick up your new favorite hairbrush today! 


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