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Find Your Perfect Set of Professional Hairbrushes

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Whether you are an aspiring Instagram influencer, or just like your hair to look fabulous, a set of professional hairbrushes are one of the best investments you can make. Top-quality hairbrushes are an incredible weapon in any arsenal for fantastic hair.

Brushopolis brushes are renowned for solving your every hair emergency and are the perfect purchase if you want salon ready hair from the comfort of your own home. 

Find out which set of professional Brushopolis brushes work best for your hair type, so you can head over to our website and order your own unbelievable set.

Do I Need More Than One Brush?

It can be tempting to tell yourself that one good quality brush is all you need to help your hair looks its best, but this isn't the case. As with many things in life, effective haircare is a process, and there are three main steps to follow to enjoy gorgeous, flowing locks every day. After all, you cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, so you should Prep, Style and Finish your hair, each with a different brush.

  • Prep: In order to secure a stunning style, prep is essential. You need to make sure your hair is free from tangles, and that it is smooth and ready to work with before taking the next step. You also need to get hair about 70% dry first BEFORE using a boar bristle brush or any brush. Why? Because wet hair is very fragile and will stretch and break if you’re not careful.
  • Style: The next stage is to style, and this doesn't have to be hugely time-consuming with the right tools. Invest in the best, and enjoy an effortless yet glamorous style that stays!
  • Finish: Often overlooked, taking the time to finish your style can make the difference between a 'good look' and a mirror-like shine. An excellent quality finishing brush is critical and offers fantastic results with minimal effort.

How Do I Know Which To Pick?

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Picking the perfect brush set depends mostly on the diameter, texture, and quality of your hair.

The diameter of your hair refers to the width of each strand of your hair. Your diameter can be determined by laying a single strand flat on a table. If you can barely see or feel the hair, you have fine hair. If the strand looks thick and textured, your hair is coarse. Anything in between means your hair is medium or moderate. 

Which Are The Best Brush Sets?

Purchasing the right brush set is an integral part of your overall beauty routine, and using the right tools can make an enormous difference to your hair. You should pick a set of professional hairbrushes that are the best fit for your hair type. Selecting the best Brushopolis brushes will help to ensure that you get the best results with every use.

At Brushopolis, we offer a range of options - it is easy to pick the most suitable for your individual needs! Here are our top three selections:

Coarse and textured hair can sometimes be tricky to work with. This set by Brushopolis, however, embraces the unique challenges presented by this hair type and is engineered to tackle tangles and leave your style smooth and sleek.

In true Brushopolis style, there are three elements to the set: Prep, Style, and Finish.

Prep: For detangling wet hair, sectioning, and blowdrying, the set includes the Monroe Prepping Paddle brush. This hairbrush is gentle enough to be used on damp hair without causing damage or breakages, and ensures that you are ready to go!

Style: Formulated to tackle textured and coarse hair, the patent-pending Monroe Latina Envy styling brush offers extra tension and root control and allows you to straighten and style your hair coarse or thick hair with ease. The unique oval barrel makes the brush easy to use, and your hair will be dry in just a few minutes!

Finish: No 'do is complete without a finishing touch, and the Teasdale helps you to make the most of volume, without the risk of breaking your hair. Natural boar bristle help to distribute your hairs natural oils for a shiny, smooth finish and are gentle enough to use on both extensions and natural hair. 

With the fine to medium hair type, getting volume can be difficult. This hair type can look and feel a little flat and finds it difficult to hold a style for a sustained period. But thanks to Brushopolis, this will all be in the past! 

Prep: For perfect prep, this set offers the Monroe Prepping Paddle, helping to gently detangle, section, and blowdry your hair, in preparation for building the ideal style.

Style: To achieve stunning strands, the Monroe Etiquette is specially designed to make the most of medium hair and offers an intense, gorgeous shine, as well as the chance to finish off your look and create a sleek, polished style which is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Finish: To help tackle the volume problem, the Teasedale teasing brush offers maximum volume, with minimum breakage. This professional hairbrush is the perfect tool to help you boost your roots, add life and movement, and help even the finest hair types make some noise. Enjoy some serious volume from the Teasedale Classic brush.

For hair that sits in the medium to coarse category, beachy waves and natural volume are all significant advantages, but getting the styling right is the secret to success.

Prep: Make sure your hair is smooth, blowdried, and super ready to style with the Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush.

Style: Once you are ready to work your magic, move on to the Monroe Mystique hairbrush. This round brush is perfect for creating waves, and can be adapted to suit almost every style under the sun!

Finish: Make a serious statement with the Teasedale teasing brush; this is great for tidying up stray hairs for a super sleek, polished finish, or for adding some impressive volume to any look.

Why Buy A Brush Set?

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Brushopolis Brush Sets are designed to provide everything you need for stunning style in one simple, easy to use kit. These sets of professional hairbrushes allow you to take your look from start to finish with ease and ensure a top-quality, salon-style finish right in the comfort of your own home. 

Head over to Brushopolis today and take the first steps to a sleek, stylish new you with one of our incredible brush sets. Bad hair days will become a thing of the past once you have your own set of professional hairbrushes!


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