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Your Hair is Damaged: How Brushopolis Salon Brushes Can Help

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a side by side comparison of a brunette woman with damaged hair and shiny, healthy hair

Is there anything more frustrating than damaged hair? You spend so much time and money on your hair, but then you notice the telltale signs of hair damage. Minimizing hair damage can be time-consuming and difficult work, but Brushopolis pro brushes can make it easier.

To help prevent your hair from becoming damaged, pick up some salon-quality Brushopolis hair brushes.

But, before we look at the ways Brushopolis pro brushes can help prevent hair damage, let's talk about cause-and-effect. Many of us do things to hurt our hair every day without realizing it. You can prevent hair damage by changing some habits and adopting new ones.

How You're Harming Your Hair

Be careful when drying and styling damp hair. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.


woman wearing sunglasses on purple background blow-drying her hair

You have probably heard that high temperatures are not exactly healthy for your mane. Blow-drying your hair and using flat or curling irons are ways you might expose your hair to heat regularly. 

These hair styling tools do different things to your hair to cause problems. 

Over-applying heat can be bad for your hair. When used for too long, hairdryers don't just dry the water on the surface; they take away the hair's moisture. Once the hair and the cuticles become dry, they become brittle. Combing hair with dry, brittle cuticles causes havoc. 

Pushing a hot hair-dyer directly into your hair or the brush not only damages hair, but it will also take even longer for your hair to dry. Leave some space between the dryer tip and your hair or brush and watch the difference.

Being quick and efficient while drying is critical when trying to prevent your hair from becoming damaged.

Using the three brush method from Brushopolis will cut down on the amount of time it takes to dry your hair with a blow dryer. Even better, you can style your hair with Brushopolis round brushes while you dry. If you style your hair while drying can eliminate the need for other heat tools like curling wands and straightening irons.

The hair problems that curling irons and flat irons create are different. When you iron dry hair, you can cause cuticles to crack and hair to chip. You should always avoid ironing wet hair, since that can cause your hair to literally blister, resulting in split ends.

Too Much of a Good Thing: Over-Washing

a woman shampooing her hair in the shower

Dry shampoo exists for more reasons than a quick fix when you're running late. There are other reasons why you should space out washes (besides saving time when you've slept in).

Various experts attribute everything from itchy, dry scalps, and even hair loss to frequent hair-washing. Washing your hair too much makes it more flexible, which, surprisingly, puts it at a higher risk of breaking. Over-washing can also strip your hair of its natural oil that keeps it shiny and healthy. 

Another benefit of extending the time between washes is less of a need to heat style. If you style your hair with Brushopolis professional brushes, you can have fabulous looking hair for days in a row!

Carelessly Brushing and Combing Wet Hair

As the previous examples show, wet hair is at-risk for damage. When hair is more elastic, rough treatment can make it brittle. When you use the wrong comb or brush on your damp hair, you're hurting, not helping it. 

Brushopolis Pro Brushes For Your Damaged Hair

We've looked at how to prevent damaged hair. Now, let's see how Brushopolis Salon brushes can help any damaged hair you may currently have. These brushes were created and tested in the salon, so they are the go-to choice for celebrity stylists.

When choosing a brush for your damaged hair, brush size and type, as well as your hair type matters

Monroe Prepping Paddle Classic Brush

Avoid stretching and breaking wet hair with the Monroe Prepping Paddle Classic Brush. You can use this brush to detangle your hair before heat styling with a round brush (but not too often!). 

Teasedale Classic Brush

The Teasedale is a versatile brush that meets a variety of styling needs. Use it when styling your hair for special occasions or every day! 

This volumizing brush does its job while minimizing the risk of hair breakage. The Teasedale protects your hair with its multi-tiered first-cut boar bristles, which is gentle on hair. Its 3-layered bristles create more traction, requiring less brushing to create volume.

While using this brush, be sure to make a "C" shape while backcombing gently for best results with minimal damage!

Monroe Latina Envy Brush

For more volumizing options that keep your hair safe, look no further than this patent-pending hot pink brush. Where the Teasedale features a narrow head and ergonomic handle for precision styling, the Latina Envy is something different. 

This volumizing brush has an innovative oval barrel and is ideal for medium to coarse, highly-textured, and difficult hair. Its uniquely-shaped barrel retains heat for maximum styling benefits (is speeds drying by up to 40%!).

The Latina Envy also has boar bristles, first-cut and infused with minerals, which add luster and smoothness to your hair. Boar bristles are efficient at drawing moisture out of your hair, while also distributing your hair's natural oils. The thermal quill supports the boar bristle to provide the perfect tension. This brush is perfect for medium hair-lengths for super kinky and coarse hair.

Utopia Brush

The limited-edition Utopia brush is the achievement of 4 years of research and development. Product-testers included consumers like you and celebrity stylists. You will appreciate the high quality of this brush every time you use it. 

Utopia works with hair of any length or texture, massaging your scalp with its rubber cushion and nylon quill. Its boar bristles naturally condition by distributing your hair's oil. Use this brush for effortless detangling when your hair is dry.

The ergonomic handle means you can use this brush every day, treating your scalp and hair to the very best!

For Dry and Processed Hair: Monroe Mystique

If you deal with dry hair or subject your hair to frequent treatments, you need the Monroe Mystique brush. Its round, hour-glass shape retains heat, making for faster drying times. The bristles are a combination of boar bristle and nylon, which helps reduce static while it volumizes and straightens hair.

Damaged Hair Is Not a Life Sentence

Damaged hair doesn't need to be a constant struggle or a core part of your identity. You know the tools to get your coiffure back on track and to prevent future damage. Enviable locks are within your grasp with Brushopolis Salon Brushes!

Brushopolis Salon Brushes Can Help Damaged Hair

comparison of a woman with damaged hair and with healthy hair

Brushopolis Salon Brushes, with their innovative technology and naturally-conditioning boar bristles, are a must-have for silky, shiny locks. Don't sacrifice your hair's health to styling tools. You can develop and maintain healthy hair and create your favorite styles.

Shop Brushopolis Salon Brushes to find just the right brush for your hair type, texture, and length.


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